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NAQT or National Academic Quiz Tournaments is a company that produces quizbowl questions and tournaments.


NAQT was founded in 1996. They hosted the first NAQT Sectionals in fall 1996, the first NAQT ICT in January 1997, and the first HSNCT in spring 1999. They also hosted the British Championship from 1998 to 2003.

"Invitational series" sets debuted in fall 1997.



NAQT uses timed matches consisting of two 9 minute halves (high school) or two 10 minute halves (college). Questions are in the standard Tossup/Bonus format, but NAQT also has powers, early answers in a tossup worth 15 points rather than the usual 10 points.

College Tournaments

NAQT runs two major college tournaments. NAQT Sectionals are typically held in February and are necessary to qualify for their national tournament, the ICT or Intercollegiate Championship Tournament.

NAQT also controversially provides its High School level IS sets for use in college events.


NAQT's two divisions at the college level are Division I and Division II, with Division I using more difficult questions at SCT and ICT. Division II, designed for newcomers to college level quizbowl, has a restricted field, limiting participants by the following criteria:

  • They do not possess a degree at the Bachelor's level or higher from any post-secondary educational institution,
  • They have not completed their fourth distinct academic year of competition in NAQT collegiate events,
  • They have played on a Division I team at no more than one previous NAQT Sectional.
  • Prior to the current competition year, they have never played on a Sectionals team that qualified for the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament nor played at the Intercollegiate Championship Tournament at either the Division II or Division I levels. This final eligibility rule does not apply to Community College players, though all other eligibility rules do.

National winners of each division can be found here.


Although thankfully NAQT has had little problems compared to other companies like Questions Unlimited or CBI, there have been some controversies. These include:

  • 2004 ICT Division II Eligibility Scandal, where UCLA won Division II in 2004 despite having played in ICT Div II the year before
  • Allowing the use of IS high school level questions for college tournaments
  • Occasional use of funn questions and high pop culture content.

High School Program

NAQT's flagship tournament is the HSNCT or High School National Championship. They also produce a series of IS Sets for use in regular season tournaments throughout the year.


Invitational Series

NAQT currently produces six Invitational Series (IS) sets per year. From 2001 until 2009, five of these sets were produced each year.

Introductory Invitational Series

In 2003 NAQT produced its first Introductory Invitational Series set. These sets (also known as "A-series" or "A-level" questions) are intended for less-experienced teams and players. They feature easier answer selection and shorter tossups than the Invitational Series.

Custom products

NAQT produces four sets of questions (totaling 18 packets) per year in Illinois format by cannibalizing two IS sets and adding questions unique to the Illinois format in subjects such as vocational education and home economics.

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