Oklahoma State

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Oklahoma State
Stillwater, OK
Current President or Coach Carla Beckmann
National championships
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The Oklahoma State University Quiz Bowl team was started in fall 2002 by four freshmen and a sophomore who sat around in the honors dorm living room, going through questions from the Stanford Archive and yelling "buzz" at random. The team has since grown to almost 20 members and has managed to kill two buzzer systems (including one belonging to another team), leaving at least one member to wonder why they can't have nice things.


OSUQB hosts two high school tournaments annually, the L.L. Lewis Cup and the Oklahoma NAQT state qualifier. The L.L. Lewis Cup is named for a former OSU president and athletic director who the students thought so highly of that they voted to put his name on the football stadium. In 2003, the stadium was re-named for OSU alumnus T. Boone Pickens, who insisted the facility not be known as Lewis Field at Boone Pickens Stadium, so as a small "screw you" to T. Boone, the tournament is named for the man whose name used to grace the rust bowl on the north side of campus. The tournament's subtitle usually involves some dig at Pickens, his $165 million gift to the athletic department or his lackeys.

The team competes at tournaments in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Texas. To date, the team has won two tournaments, the 2007 Golden Hurricane Open and the Kelvin Sampson Memorial. The team also has semi-regular scrimmages with Langston.

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