Peter McCorquodale

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Peter McCorquodale
Noted subjects Canadian content
Current college none
Past colleges MIT
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

After playing in the 1990s, Peter McCorquodale is now best-known for establishing and running VETO. Except for one year, he has always played solo. As a result, he wins the individual scoring title and creates logistical difficulties in the guerrilla format during his bye rounds.

McCorquodale set up one of lengthiest question-writing guides on the Internet for an early edition of VETO. After complaints of it being a relic of the 90s, he made some updates for the 2007 edition. [1] The document still contains many lies, such as "This question, unlike the previous example, is more like a puzzle in the beginning, rewarding more than "pure" knowledge (but not punishing it). Many of the best questions have this quality."

He also runs the Canadian Academic Quiz League website, and runs the Victoria Day Rare Entries Contest on the qb-canada mailing list.