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This page serves to organize featured pictures which appear in the "Featured Picture" section of the Main Page.

"Today's featured picture" is selected through simple modular arithmetic, where the index of the image is the day of the year mod the number of pictures in the set of "Featured pictures".

Known issues:

  • If there are n pictures, then after the n-th day of the year adding any additional pictures will potentially cause the featured picture to shift. This is likely something that is not ever worth fixing.
  • As currently implemented, the maximum value the index can take is the minimum of {the number of days in a year, the number of images}. Once there are more than 366 images, then some will never be seen - this should be straightforward to solve and can be simply dealt with when this actually approaches being an issue.

Featured picture list


Today's featured picture

UCF ACF Fall 2014.jpeg

The University of Central Florida team after winning the 2014 ACF Fall, hosted at the University of Florida.

Pictured from left to right: Sean Chagani, Michael Tichy, Zach Foster, Mickey Sizemore. Person entering from left is unidentified.

Photo credit: Cody Johansen

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Tomorrow's featured picture

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