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Questions Galore
President or CEO Michael Hurley
Location: Wheaton, IL

Questions Galore (QG) was a question writing company based in Wheaton, Illinois. It provided questions for a number of competitions, including several state championships and bills itself as "THE source for Scholastic Bowl competition questions and study materials."

Despite this self description, Questions Galore incurred widespread criticism for the low quality of its questions. Such criticism has come not only from proponents of good quizbowl, but also from coaches and players generally disinterested in the issue of good vs. bad quizbowl.

In 2016, it was announced that Bryce Avery had purchased Questions Galore and had taken over most of QG's existing contracts under the aegis of his own company, Avery Enterprises.

Question Quality

Hallmarks of Questions Galore include the widespread use of "left turns," spelling, buzzer races, and both excessively difficult and excessively easy computational math. Even worse, Questions Galore apparently felt that the 2009 MSHSAA District final could be adequately determined on such questions as "Given the names of these presidents, give their wives' maiden names," an outrageous example of pure trivia in an ostensibly academic tournament.

Many of these hallmarks along with other problems were addressed in Greg Gauthier's 2009 letter to Questions Galore, which was ignored.

Business Tactics

The hallmark tactic used by Questions Galore to maintain its market share is to inundate middle and high school circuits by seriously undercutting the bids of competitors.


  • 2008-2010 MSHSAA district and state questions, much to everyone's chagrin. [1][2]
  • For several years has written the IESA questions.
  • Alabama Scholastic Competition Association Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Small Schools questions for several years
  • Quizbusters (WNAB) during its first (2008-09) and third (2010-11) seasons.
  • OSSAA state tournament from 2010 to 2012.
  • Cullman County Scholar Bowl in Alabama for several decades until 2014.

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