Raj Bhan

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Raj Bhan
Noted Subjects:
general, science, literature
Current Collegiate Team none
Past Collegiate Teams Stanford (2001-2003), WUSTL (1999-2000), Broward (?-1998)
High School Team ?
Middle School Team None

Raj Bhan, sometimes known as Roger Bhan, is one of the notable success stories produced by the Florida community college circuit, playing at ACF Nationals on a fearsome Broward CC team with Raj Dhuwalia in 1998. He went on to a moderately distinguished playing career including some second-bracket finishes at national tournaments, though is likely better known for his tireless production of good questions, including the 2000 St. Louis Open and the 2001 St. Louis Open, both written entirely by him, and the 2002 Cardinal Classic, 2002 ACF Nationals, 2003 ACF Nationals, and 2004 ACF Regionals, which he head-edited.

Despite being mostly out of the quizbowl eye since 2003, Bhan has occasionally reappeared to do things such as editing biology questions for the 2008 ACF Nationals.