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|Image =  
|Image =  
|Subjects = Physics, Chemistry, Music
|Subjects = Physics, Chemistry, Music
|schoolcur = [[Minnesota]] (2010-Present) [[Category: Minnesota]]
|schoolcur =  None
|schoolpast= None
|schoolpast= [[Minnesota]] (2010-2013)
|highschool = [[Eden Prairie]] (2007-2010)
|highschool = [[Eden Prairie]] (2007-2010)
| }}
| }}
'''Robin Heinonen''' is a sophomore at the University of [[Minnesota]].
'''Robin Heinonen''' is a former player for the University of [[Minnesota]] from 2010-2013.  
* 2010 [[ACF Fall]] North. 3rd with 76.82 PPG; 5th place team with [[Michael McLaughlin]] and [[Shannon Fletcher]]
* 2010 [[Minnesota Open]]
* 2011 [[TIT]]
* 2011 [[SCT]] North Division II. 32.4 PPG; 1st place with [[Gaurav Kandlikar]], [[Michael McLaughlin]] and [[Lauren Johnson]]
* 2011 [[Penn Bowl]]. 33.64 PPG; 14th place with [[Eliza Grames]], [[Kelsey McCoy]] and [[Michael VanDeWeghe]]
* 2011 [[Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament]]. 6th place with 53.50 PPG; 9th place team with [[Matt Hart]]
* 2011 [[ICT]] Division II. 16.9 PPG; 7th place with [[Lauren Johnson]], [[Gaurav Kandlikar]] and [[Michael McLaughlin]]
* 2011 [[Penn Bowl]] packet submission with [[Gaurav Kandlikar]], [[Eliza Grames]], [[Michael VanDeWeghe]] and [[Kelsey McCoy]]
* 2011 [[Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament]] packet submission
* 2011 [[Minnesota High School Novice Tournament]], primarily physics, math, chemistry, and music

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Robin Heinonen
Noted Subjects:
Physics, Chemistry, Music
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Minnesota (2010-2013)
High School Team Eden Prairie (2007-2010)
Stats n/a

Robin Heinonen is a former player for the University of Minnesota from 2010-2013.