Ross Wallace

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Ross Wallace
Noted Subjects:
Military History, Geography
Current Collegiate Team N/A
Past Collegiate Teams Wallace State
High School Team West Point
Middle School Team West Point Middle

Ross Wallace, along with Zakk Waddell, makes up the sophomore core of the 2013-2014 West Point High School Scholar's Bowl Team.

His interest in History - particularly Military History - has led him to become a prolific player who complements Zakk's literature knowledge very well. Ross has also focused some time on Geography. While not really an "Art Player," Ross has been known to power some art tossups insanely fast off of some very obscure clues.

Ross played on the West Point B team at the 2013 HSNCT. He will participate as a member of the A team at the 2014 HSNCT and SSNCT.

Upon graduation in 2016, Ross, along with teammate Zakk Waddell, went on to play on the quizbowl team at Wallace State. During his two years there the team won two ACBL state championships and had two high finishes at CCCT.