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Rutgers University (New Brunswick)
New Brunswick, NJ
Current President or Coach James Hadley
National championships None

Rutgers University typically refers to the quiz bowl team at Rutgers Univeristy - New Brunswick in New Jersey. It should not be confused with the (defunct) programs at Rutgers University - Newark or Rutgers University - Camden.


The top teams at Rutgers centered around Kevin Costello, who graduated in 2007, Jason Keller, who graduated in 2008, and Sam Braunfeld, who completed his PhD in 2018. The team finished 7th at the 2007 ICT and placed 18th at the 2008 ICT, with Keller finishing 2nd in individual scoring. At the 2008 ACF Nationals, the team finished with a 6-6 record in the Middle Bracket. The team came in 23rd out of 34 at the 2014 ACF Nationals, 26th out of 48 in 2015, 20th out of 48 in 2017, and 31st out 47 in 2018. A team composed of Braunfeld, Joelle Smart, David Song, and Anton Maliev swept the Maryland site of the 2016 MLK tournament, beating out Princeton and Virginia A. Smart, Emmett Laurie, Song, and Maliev came 2nd at the 2018 EFT Yale site, losing in the final to Amherst A. Braunfeld, Smart, Laurie, JJ Tsai, and James Hadley won the Yale site of 2019 PIANO without once playing the eventual second-place team, Harvard. Laurie, Smart, and Darren Petrosino also won 2019 EFT at Columbia.

Tournaments Hosted

Rutgers University has hosted several tournaments recently at both the high school and collegiate levels, including the 2019 SCT, 2020 ACF Regionals, and the yearly Scarlet Knight Invitational Tournament for high schoolers.

Nationals Results

ACF Nationals (2005–) Division I ICT Division II ICT
2000 7th
2002 20th
2004 20th
2005 15th 17th
2006 13th 25th
2007 14th 7th
2008 12th 17th
2009 18th
2010 21st
2012 27th
2013 24th
2014 23rd
2015 26th
2017 20th 8th
2018 31st
2019 32nd 26th