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Sam Blizzard
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High School Team Northmont
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Sam Blizzard was a player for Northmont. He was the top individual scorer at the 2013 HSNCT, 2014 HSNCT, and 2015 HSNCT. Blizzard became only the third player in history to win a second HSNCT scoring title (Jonathan Hess and Adam Silverman), and the first player to win three HSNCT scoring titles.

At the 2013 HSNCT, Blizzard's statline of 50-100-17-104.72 was barely good enough to give him the overall individual lead over Dylan Minarik's statline of 43-104-39-104.20. Northmont finished in a tie for 21st place. At the 2014 HSNCT, Northmont still finished in a 21st place tie, but Blizzard saw his statline blossom to 48-120-28-117.88, outpacing runner-up Eric Xu's 109.22 PP20TH. In 2015, Blizzard moved his Northmont team up to a tie for 13th place, and continued increasing his statline: 76-97-28-123.51, edging Eric Wolfsberg for the scoring title.

Blizzard was named a member of the First Team for the 2015 HSQBRank All-World Teams.

HSNCT Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Adam Silverman
2013, 2014, & 2015
Timothy Morrison