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The Scobol Solo is an individual tournament held each November since 2001 at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois. It is open to any high school student. It typically attracts many of the top players in Illinois and occasionally attracts players from out of state.


The Solo, as it is often simply called, was the second major individual tournament to be held in Illinois, following the demise of the Ultimate Scholar Tournament which originated at downstate Sullivan before being moved to the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois. That tournament, run by Ken Johnson, ended when IWU could no longer provide the space for free.

This tournament has been directed by and written by David Reinstein since its inception. With the exception of the 2006 tournament, it has been held at New Trier's Winnetka campus. In 2006, New Trier was forced to close the weekend of the tournament due to a pertussis outbreak, causing the tournament to be moved to nearby Stevenson at the last moment.

In addition to the Scobol Solo, Donald Taylor has run annual individual competitions since 2006, first at the University of Illinois, then as a side event after the NAQT State Qualifier, and starting in Spring 2011 as a side event to ATROPHY at Northern Illinois University.

In 2010, Scobol Solo was mirrored at PORTA.

In 2010, Scobol Solo used a program Jonah Greenthal developed called Scobol Solo Statistics System, or SSSS. Moderators entered in results at the end of each match, and the results were immediately compiled into the tournament stats and posted on the internet. The program kept track of category stats, so ribbons for category winners could be handed out as soon as the rounds were completed.

Tournament format

The tournament has 14 regular rounds, with each player participating in seven (either round 1 or 2, either round 3 or 4, and so on). Power-matching is used, so that every match has two players with identical records face off. When there were significantly fewer than the cap of 128 players during the first few years of the tournament, "safety matches" were played in which both players were credited with a win. In some recent years in which there were slightly fewer than 128 students present, "phantom matches" have been played which feature a player who should be in the match (who receives a win) against a player on their bye round (whose record is not affected).

After each player plays seven rounds, there will be one 7-0 player, seven 6-1 players, and twenty-one 5-2 players. The 7-0 player and 6-1 players advance to the finals (with the 7-0 player having an advantage), and the 5-2 player with the highest points per 20 toss-ups heard is the ninth player in the finals. Prior to 2012, a written test called the "Desperation Shot" was used to determine which one of the 5-2 players would advance to the finals.

Match format

Each match consists of 20 toss-up questions. There are no bonus questions. Each question is worth one point, with no power or neg points, and ties are decided by sudden death (using up to three tossups, the third of which is a very short, very easy question on a tournament-themed category of answer lines, such as modes of transportation or colors). There were three computational questions in each match through 2009, but computation was eliminated starting in 2010.

Originally, for each tournament, the 20 categories would be set in a specific order, and questions would be asked from each category in order (so question #1 in each round would be from the same category). This was primarily for ease of tabulating the scores for category winners; SSSS was created so that this wouldn't be necessary. Categories are now randomized within each packet and are not announced.

Finals format

The finals consist of 60 questions and nine players (including the 7-0 morning champion). Unlike in the preliminary matches, a wrong answer counts as -1, even if the question is finished, and the question rebounds as usual. Players (except the morning champion) start with 3 points and are eliminated on reaching 0 points.

The finals are divided into three phases, each with 20 questions. In phase one, the morning champion sits out while the other eight players play. At the end of phase one (question 20), the morning champion enters the game with a score equal to that of the leader. At the end of the second phase (question 40), the five players with the lowest score are eliminated, leaving four. Halfway through the third phase (question 50), the two remaining players with the lowest score are eliminated. The remaining player with the higher score at the end of the third phase (question 60) is the champion. Ties for elimination or the championship are broken by tiebreaker tossups, with a correct answer advancing the player and an incorrect answer eliminating the player.

Previously, a tossup that was incorrectly answered was not rebounded for the other players.

Prior to 2004, the finals used only 40 questions.

From 2002 through 2008, some tossups were replaced with handout questions (exclusively in the interdisciplinary category in 2008) that all players could attempt. These were very difficult, multi-part written questions that players could choose to have counted or not. A player who opted to have a handout counted scored 1 point for a handout that is completely correct, otherwise -1. In 2001, very lengthy questions that were repeated twice and required synthesizing multiple facts were used.


Current Categories

Since 2001, the following 8 categories have always been in use:

  • U.S. Literature
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • U.S. History
  • World History (which included European History for the first few years)
  • Religion/Mythology
  • World Literature (adjusted to World & European Literature in 2012, which was a change in name only)

In the first year, American Literature and American Dramas, Poems, and Short Stories were two separate categories, and all the other literature questions were in World Literature. British Literature was added in 2002, and American Literature was condensed into one category.

The other current categories:

  • Current Events/Geography (added 2010)
  • Curricular Math (added 2010)
  • European History (added as "Western European History" in 2009, renamed in 2010)
  • Instrumental Classical Music (added 2010)
  • Military History (added 2010)
  • Other Fine Arts (added 2010, "other" being defined as not painting or instrumental classical music)
  • Other Math (added 2010)
  • Other Science (added in 2010, "other" being defined as not biology, chemistry, physics, or math)
  • Painting (added 2010)
  • Poetry (added 2010)
  • Social Science/Philosophy (added 2010 as "Other Social Studies", renamed in 2011)

Discontinued Categories

  • Algebra (2001-09)
  • Art/Architecture (introduced as "Art" in 2001, renamed 2002, last played in 2009)
  • Astronomy/Earth Science/Geography (introduced as "Astronomy/Earth Science" in 2002, renamed 2003, last played in 2009)
  • Calculus/Combinatorics (introduced as "Calculus/Precalculus" in 2001, renamed as "Calculus" in 2002, "Calculus/Math History" in 2003, renamed in 2004, last played in 2007)
  • Current Events (2002-09)
  • Geometry/Trigonometry (2001-09)
  • Language Arts (2001-07)
  • Pop Culture (2001-08)
  • Technology (2001-07)
  • U.S. Drama and Poetry (2001)


Year Champion 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place 7th Place 8th Place 9th Place
2001 Jim Davis
Parag Bhayani
Matt Keenan
(New Trier)
Tony Wu
Sameer Gopal
Chris Marks
(Downers Grove North)
Lori Sommars
(Wheaton North)
2002 Matt Keenan
(New Trier)
Ben Taylor
Paul Gauthier
(Wheaton North)
Mark Hedden
(Downers Grove North)
Kelly Tourdot
(Stillman Valley)
Blair Nathan
(New Trier)
Josh Laufenberg
(Wheaton North)
David Vock
(Wheaton North)
Donald Taylor
2003 Paul Gauthier
(Wheaton North)
Michael Evans
(New Trier)
Andrew Uzzell
Eric Grebing
(Bunker Hill)
Nik Brendler
(Lincoln-Way East)
Yian Chen
(New Trier)
Jaya Kalra
Amy Minas
15 way tie
2004 Sara Garnett
(Okemos (MI))
Cliff Chang1
(New Trier)
Alex Beata
Billy Ouska
(Buffalo Grove)
Alex Inman
Jonathan Mayer
Alex Schallmo2
(Maine South)
Michael Bilow
Donald Taylor
2005 Robert Sale1
(Brookwood (GA))
Greg Gauthier
(Wheaton North)
Brad Fischer
Katie Kragh
Colleen Powers
Carlo Angiuli
(New Trier)
John Bracke2
Nick Matchen
(New Trier)
Ben Weiss
2006 Carlo Angiuli
(New Trier)
Greg Gauthier1
(Wheaton North)
Greg Peterson
(Maine South)
Kristina Warren
Jeff Wear
(Maine South)
John Brown
Katie Hibbeln2
(Downers Grove North)
Justin Stoncius
Siva Sundaram
2007 Greg Gauthier
(Wheaton North)
Siva Sundaram1
John Brown
Tony Cao
Catie Flynn2
Jonathan Irving
(Wheaton North)
Robert Sido
(New Trier)
Mike Verity
Michael Jiang
2008 Siva Sundaram1
Joe Ahmad
Tony Cao
Ben Cohen
(New Trier)
Krystle Leung
(Naperville Central)
Alex Cash
(Wheaton Warrenville South)
Isa Domin
(Niles North)
Michael Jiang
Calvin Quilty2
2009 Lloyd Sy
Andrew Deveau
(St. Ignatius)
Kevin Malis1
Steve Server
(New Trier)
Jeremiah Monk2
Ben Carbery
(Oak Park-River Forest)
Isa Domin
(Niles North)
Greg Dzuriscko
Christian Kreb
2010 Kevin Malis
Ben Carbery1
(Oak Park-River Forest)
Andrew Deveau
(St. Ignatius)
Ben Chametzsky
Andrew Van Duyn
(Culver (IN))
Lloyd Sy
Zach Blumenfeld
Andrew Wang
(New Trier)
Jake Rebnord2
2011 Lloyd Sy
Dylan Minarik
(Belvidere North)
Nolan Winkler1
Andrew Wang
(New Trier)
Ben Chametzky
Srinivas Panchamukhi
Webster Guan
Alex Kling
Andrew Van Duyn
(Culver (IN))
2012 Nicholas Wawrykow
(St. Joseph’s (IN))
Thomas Birt
(Wheaton North)
Maia Karpovich3
Anand Poozhikunnel
(Wheaton Warrenville South)
Ian Torres
Saieesh Rao
Dylan Minarik1
(Belvidere North)
Morgan Venkus
Greg Krzywicki
2013 Maia Karpovich3
Evan Pandya
Jason Asher1
Pranav Sivakumar
Alston Boyd
Greg Krzywicki
Jeeho Lee
Prerak Trivedi
James Zetterman
2014 Cole Timmerwilke1
Evan Pandya
Sunny Chen
(Hinsdale Central)
Mahir Morshed
Alston Boyd
Nolan Liu
(St. Joseph (IN))
Dan Pechi
Andrew Salij
James Zhou
(Hinsdale Central)
2015 Ali Saeed1
Cole Timmerwilke
Matthew Lehmann
Jakob Myers
(Naperville North)
Ankush Bajaj
(Hinsdale Central)
Michael Gislason
Ethan Strombeck
Jonathan Suh
(Wheaton Warrenville South)
John Waldron
2016 John Waldron
Matthew Lehmann1
Ali Saeed
Jakob Myers
(Naperville North)
Jack Mayer
(Loyola Academy)
Ethan Strombeck
Aristotle Vainikos
John Banta
(Lake Forest)
Lily Hamer
2017 Ethan Strombeck1
Kevin Kodama
(Oak Park River Forest)
Mitch McCullar
Aristotle Vainikos
Matthew Lee
Jaden Lucas
Arjun Nageswaran
Ana Pranger
Wilder Seitz


  1. Morning Champion
  2. Desperation Shot Champion (2001-2010)
  3. Played as Anton Karpovich


Schools with three finalists, all-time

17 Auburn (2005, 06, 06, 07, 07, 07, 08, 08, 09, 10, 11, 13, 14, 14, 15, 16, 17)
14 New Trier (2001, 02, 02, 03, 03, 04, 05, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)
11 Carbondale (2006, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 11, 13, 13, 14, 17)
10 Wheaton North (2001, 02, 02, 02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 07, 12)
9 Stevenson (09, 10, 10, 10, 13, 13, 15, 16, 17)
8 Loyola Academy (2005, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 12, 16)
7 IMSA (2011, 12, 12, 13, 14, 14, 17)
6 Barrington (2013, 15, 15, 16, 16, 17)
4 Bloomington (2006, 08, 13, 14)
5 Latin School (2001, 04, 05, 11, 17)
3 Downers Grove North (2001, 02, 06)
3 Fremd (2001, 04, 04)
3 Maine South (2004, 06, 06)
3 Wheaton Warrenville South (2008, 12, 15)
3 Hinsdale Central (2014, 14, 15)
3 Homewood-Flossmoor (2001, 15, 16)
3 Oak Park River Forest (2009, 10, 17)

Schools with two finalists, one tournament

3 Wheaton North (2002)
Auburn (2007)
Stevenson (2010)
Barrington (2015, 2016)
2 Fremd (2004)
New Trier (2002)
New Trier (2003)
New Trier (2005)
Auburn (2006)
Maine South (2006)
Wheaton North (2007)
Auburn (2008)
Carbondale (2011)
IMSA (2012)
Loyola Academy (2012)
Carbondale (2013)
Stevenson (2013)
Auburn (2014)
Hinsdale Central (2014)
IMSA (2014)

Players who appeared in multiple finals

3 Greg Gauthier (Wheaton North) 2005-07
Siva Sundaram (Auburn) 2006-08
Lloyd Sy (Auburn) 2009-11
Ethan Strombeck (Auburn) 2015-17
2 Matt Keenan (New Trier) 2001-02
Paul Gauthier (Wheaton North) 2002-03
Donald Taylor (MacArthur)1 2002, 2004
Carlo Angiuli (New Trier) 2005-06
John Brown (Auburn) 2006-07
Tony Cao (Carbondale) 2007-08
Isa Domin (Niles North) 2008-09
Ben Carbery (OPRF) 2009-10
Andrew Deveau (St. Ignatius) 2009-10
Kevin Malis (Stevenson) 2009-10
Dylan Minarik (Belvidere North) 2011-12
Maia Karpovich (IMSA) 2012-13
Alston Boyd (Bloomington) 2013-14
Evan Pandya (Auburn) 2013-14
Cole Timmerwilke (Auburn) 2014-15
John Waldron (Barrington) 2015-16
Matthew Lehmann (Barrington) 2015-16
Ali Saeed (Stevenson) 2015-16
Jakob Myers (Naperville North) 2015-16
Aristotle Vainikos (Sandburg) 2016-17

Finalists from Class A schools

Finalists Notes

  1. Donald Taylor is the only player to make multiple, non-consecutive appearances in the finals.


In addition to the finalists being recognized as among the best players, ribbons are given to any player who scores the most questions in each of the 20 categories.

Won a category three times

4 - Greg Gauthier (Geometry/Trigonometry, '04, '05, '06' 07)
3 - Greg Gauthier (Calculus/Combinatorics, '04, '06, '07)
3 - Paul Gauthier (World Literature, '01, '02, '03)
3 - Nick Matchen (Pop Culture, '04, '05, '06)
(Scary, isn't it?)

Won a category in two tournaments

Chemistry Carlo Angiuli, New Trier (05, 06)
Physics Greg Gauthier, Wheaton North (06, 07)
Astronomy/Earth Science/Geography Zach Blumenfeld, Stevenson (08, 09)
Other Science Ethan Strombeck, Auburn (15, 17)
Calculus/Combinatorics Greg Gauthier, Wheaton North (06, 07)
Geometry/Trigonometry Greg Gauthier, Wheaton North (04, 05, 06, 07); Karen Li, Libertyville (05, 06)
U.S. History Garrett Ryan, Lincoln-Way East (03, 04); Andrew Van Duyn, Culver (10, 11)
European History Matthew Lehmann, Barrington (15, 16); Ethan Strombeck, Auburn (15, 17)
World History Kelly Tourdot, Stillman Valley (01, 02); Joe Ahmad, Loyola (07, 08); Jack Miller, Wheaton North (12, 13)
Social Studies/Philosophy Cole Timmerwilke, Auburn (13, 15)
British Literature Paul Gauthier, Wheaton North (02, 03); Andrew Deveau, St. Ignatius (09, 10); Lloyd Sy, Auburn (10, 11); Lily Hamer, Homewood-Flossmoor (15, 16)
European/World Literature Evan Pandya, Auburn (12, 13); Dan Pechi, IMSA (13, 14)
World Literature Paul Gauthier, Wheaton North (01, 02, 03); Kristina Warren, Bloomington (05, 06); Ankush Bajaj, Hinsdale Central (14, 15)
U.S. Literature Jack Glerum, Loyola (07, 08); Siva Sundaram, Auburn (07, 08); Matthew Lehmann, Barrington (14, 15)
Nonfiction Nik Brendler, Lincoln-Way East (02, 03)
Instrumental Classical Music Dylan Minarik, Belvidere North (11, 12); Mahir Morshed, Carbondale (13, 14)
Other Fine Art Cole Timmerwilke, Auburn (14, 15)
Religion/Mythology Issa Domin, Niles North (08, 09)
Current Events Ian Secviar, Mt. Carmel (04, 05); Ben Cohen (07, 08); Mike Penicnak, Fenton (08, 09); Jakob Myers, Naperville North (15, 16)
Current Events/Geography Maia Karpovich, IMSA (12, 13)1
Geography B.J. Ryan, Hinsdale Central (14, 15)
Pop Culture Nick Matchen, New Trier (04, 05, 06)

Won three categories in one tournament

8 Lloyd Sy (Auburn) 2011 Biology, Physics, Other Science, British Lit, Poetry, European History, Other Fine Arts, Social Studies/Philosophy4
7 Dylan Minarik (Belvidere North) 2012 Physics, Other Science, U.S. History, Poetry, Instrumental Classical Music, Religion/Mythology, Social Studies/Philosophy4
5 Paul Gauthier (Wheaton North) 2002 Geometry/Trig, British Lit, World Lit, Language Arts, Current Events
Greg Gauthier (Wheaton North) 2007 Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Calculus/Combinatorics, Geometry/Trig
Siva Sundaram (Auburn) 2007 U.S. Lit, World Lit, Music, Art/Architecture, Religion/Myth
Ben Cohen (New Trier) 2008 U.S. Lit, Nonfiction, U.S. History, World History, Current Events
Ben Carbery (OPRF) 2010 Other Science, British Lit, World History, European History, Military History3
Cole Timmerwilke (Auburn) 2014 Other Science, US History, World History, Other Fine Arts, Current Events
Cole Timmerwilke (Auburn) 2015 Painting, Other Fine Art, European History, Geography, SS/Philosophy
Ankush Bajaj (Hinsdale Central) 2015 U.S. Lit, World Lit, British Lit, Biology, Chemistry
Ethan Strombeck (Auburn) 2015 Chemistry, Other Science, Instrumental Cl. Music, U.S. History, European History,
4 Matt Keenan (New Trier) 2002 Biology, Astronomy/Earth Sci, World History, Music,
Andrew Uzzell (Evanston) 2003 Physics, Calculus/Math History, Language Arts, World History
Greg Gauthier (Wheaton North) 2006 Physics, Calculus/Combinatorics, Geometry/Trig, U.S Lit
Dan Auerbach (Glenbrook North) 2007 Astronomy/Earth Sci/Geography, Nonfiction, World History, Current Events
Andrew Deveau (St. Ignatius) 2009 Physics, Nonfiction, British Lit, Art/Architecture
Lloyd Sy (Auburn) 2010 World Lit, British Lit, Painting, Instrumental Classical Music
Ben Chametzsky (Carbondale) 2011 Other Science, U.S. History, Social Studies/Philosophy, Current Events/Geography
Nolan Maloney (Loyola) 2011 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History2
Jonathan Huh (Carbondale) 2013 Military History, British Lit, European/World Lit, Instrumental Classical Music
Prerak Trivedi (Carbondale) 2013 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Poetry2
Clare Keenan (Chicago Lab) 2014 Chemistry, Mathematics, US Lit, British Lit
John Banta (Lake Forest) 2016 Mathematics, Poetry, Instrumental Classical Music, Other Fine Arts
Jakob Myers (Naperville North) 2016 Military History, Instrumental Classical Music, Social Science/Philosophy, Current Events
3 Parag Bhayani (Homewood-Flossmoor) 2001 Geometry/Trig, U.S. History, World Lit
Kelly Tourdot (Stillman Valley) 2001 U.S. History, World History, Religion/Myth
Garrett Ryan (Lincoln-Way East) 2003 Astronomy/Earth Sci/Geography, U.S. History, World History
Ian Secviar (Mt. Carmel) 2004 Language Arts, Religion/Myth, Current Events
Kristina Warren (Bloomington) 2006 Geometry/Trig, U.S. Lit, World Lit
Siva Sundaram (Auburn) 2006 Geometry/Trig, Pop Culture, Language Arts
John Brown (Auburn) 2007 Biology, U.S. Lit, Brit Lit
Joe Ahamad (Loyola) 2008 Vocabulary, World History, Music
Bonny Jain (IMSA) 2008 Physics, Geometry/Trig, Pyramidal Math
Michael Jiang (Auburn) 2008 World Lit, Nonfiction, Art/Architecture
Webster Guan (New Trier) 2011 Physics, U.S. Lit, Poetry
Dylan Minarik (Belvidere North) 2011 U.S. Lit, Painting, Instrumental Classical Music
Nolan Winkler (Loyola) 2011 Biology, U.S. History, Religion/Mythology
Thomas Birt (Wheaton North) 2012 U.S. History, European History, Military History3
Maia Karpovich (IMSA) 2012 Physics, Other Science, Current Events/Geography
Ian Torres (Loyola) 2012 Curricular Math, Other Fine Arts, Social Studies/Philosophy
Stae Schipper-Reyes (Bloomington) 2013 Biology, Other Science, Math
Alston Boyd (Bloomington) 2014 Chemistry, Religion/Mythology, Social Science/Philosophy
Nolan Liu (St Joseph (South Bend)) 2014 British Lit, Poetry, Religion/Mythology
Andrew Salij (IMSA) 2014 European History, Religion/Mythology, Social Science/Philosophy
Jonathan Suh (Wheaton Warrenville South) 2015 U.S. Literature, Poetry, SS/Philosophy
Matthew Lehmann (Barrington) 2015 U.S. Lit, Poetry, European History
Jack Mayer (Loyola) 2015 Religion/Mythology, World History, European History
Ethan Strombeck (Auburn) 2016 Other Fine Arts, Current Events, Geography
Gretchen Coleman (Latin) 2017 Chemistry, US History, World History
Nick Kaminsky (Metea Valley) 2017 Chemistry, US History, World History
Ana Pranger (Latin) 2017 British Literature, European/World Literature, Current Events
Alex Reuter (Latin) 2017 Chemistry, World History, Religion/Mythology
Ethan Strombeck (Auburn) 2017 Other Science, European History, Military History
In 2017, Ethan Strombeck became the first player to win at least three categories in three different tournaments.

7 categories won, career

14 Lloyd Sy Auburn U.S. Lit (09), World Lit (10), British Lit (10, 11), Poetry (11), Physics (11), Biology (11), Other Science (11), Painting (10), Instrumental Classical Music (10), Other Fine Art (11), European History (11), SS/Philosophy (11), Interdisciplinary (09)
13 Greg Gauthier Wheaton North U.S. Lit (06), Physics (06, 07), Chemistry (07), Geometry/Trig (04, 05, 06, 07), Algebra (05, 07), Calculus/Combinatorics (04, 06, 07)
11 Paul Gauthier Wheaton North World Lit (01, 02, 03), Lang Arts (02), British Lit (02, 03), Biology (03), Art (01), Geometry/Trig (02), Current Events (02), World History (03)
11 Cole Timmerwilke Auburn SS/Philosophy (13, 15), Other Science (14), Other Fine Art (14, 15), Current Events (14), U.S. History (14), World History (14), Painting (15), European History (15), Geography (15)
11 Ethan Strombeck Auburn Chemistry (15), Other Science (15, 17), US History (15), European History (15, 17), Military History (17), Current Events (16), Geography (16), Instrumental Classical Music (15), Other Fine Arts (16)
10 Siva Sundaram Auburn U.S. Lit (07, 08), World Lit (07), Lang Arts (06), Vocabulary (08), Music (07), Art/Architecture (07), Religion/Mythology (07), Pop Culture (06), Geometry/Trig (06)
10 Dylan Minarik Belvidere North U.S. Lit (11), Poetry (12), Physics (12), Other Science (12), Painting (11), Instrumental Classic Music (11, 12), Religion/Mythology (12), U.S. History (12), SS/Philosophy (12)
7 Ben Carbery OPRF British Lit (10), Other Science (10), Religion/Mythology (09), World History (10), European History (10), Military History (10), Interdisciplinary (09)
7 Andrew Deveau Maine South/St. Ignatius Nonfiction (09), British Lit (09, 10), Physics (09), Curricular Math (10), Pop Culture (07), Art/Architecture (09)
7 Ankush Bajaj Hinsdale Central SS/Philosophy (14), World Lit (14, 15), U.S. Lit (15), British Lit (15), Biology (15), Chemistry (15)

Category Notes

  1. In 2012, Current Events and Geography were a combined category. Karpovich won that category in 2012, and then won "Geography" and "Current Events" as separate categories in 2013.
  2. Nolan Maloney and Prerak Trivedi are the only two players to win the three major science categories (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) in the same year.
  3. Ben Carbery and Thomas Birt are the only two players to win three history categories in the same year.
  4. Lloyd Sy and Dylan Minarik are the only two players to have won at least one category in each of the broad areas (science/math, history, literature, fine arts, miscellaneous social studies). They each did this in one tournament, but no other player has accomplished this over multiple tournaments.

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