Sean Smiley

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Sean Smiley
Noted subjects video games, Japanese lit, particularly Yukio Mishima
Current college William and Mary (2014-)
Past colleges VCU (2009-2013)
High school North Stafford
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Sean Smiley is first year grad student at William and Mary who played for Virginia Commonwealth University as an undergrad.


Sean Smiley played for North Stafford High School. He led his team to a VHSL district championship his junior year.

Sean's first collegiate tournament was the 2009 EFT held at UVA. Though he managed to get some impressive buzzes, he would eventually cost his team after forgetting to pronounce the 'r' in Crassus, leading to a 5 point loss to State College. He is yet to rinse the stench of failure from himself.

Since that tournament, he has had several solid performances, most notably being the overall high scorer at a Delta Burke mirror and placing 10th in scoring at ACF Winter in January of 2010. Smiley was the overall high scorer in the 2011 Division II NAQT Region 5 Sectionals.