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The Show-Me Conference is a Missouri athletic conference that sponsors several quizbowl competitions. It comprises nine smaller, rural school districts on either side of the Missouri River in central Missouri.


High School

The conference hosts a high school competition each year, currently on modified NAQT high school questions in the MSHSAA format. The 2013 edition was held in tossup/bonus format.

Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2013 IS-125A 8 Linn Fatima Eugene
2014 NAQT 9 Fatima Tuscumbia St. Elizabeth
2015 NAQT 10 Tuscumbia Chamois Fatima
2016 NAQT 10 Fatima Tuscumbia St. Elizabeth A
2017 NAQT 10 Tuscumbia Fatima Eugene
2018 NAQT 10 Tuscumbia Eugene Fatima
2019 NAQT 9 Fatima Tuscumbia Eugene

Middle School

The conference hosts the Show-Me Middle School Scholar Bowl each spring on NAQT questions.

Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place
2013 MS-04 8 Fatima Eugene Tuscumbia
2014 MS-10 8 Fatima Tuscumbia Eugene
2015 MS-14 7 Tuscumbia Eugene Fatima
2016 MS-16 6 Tuscumbia Fatima Eugene
2017 MS-22 8 South Callaway Tuscumbia Eugene
2018 MS-26 8 Fatima Eugene Tuscumbia
[2019] MS-30 South Callaway

Elementary School

Somewhat unique is the conference's sponsorship of an elementary competition, known as Knowledge Bowl. Each grade - 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th - competes in its own separate double-elimination bracket to crown a grade-level winner each year. In 2015-2017, questions for the Knowledge Bowl were written by SAGES.

Year Questions 3rd Grade Champion 4th Grade Champion 5th Grade Champion 6th Grade Champion
2013 unknown
2014 unknown
2015 SAGES I Chamois Fatima Tuscumbia either Fatima or Eugene
2018 unknown South Callaway St. Elizabeth Russellville South Callaway
2019 unknown South Callaway New Bloomfield