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South Callaway High School is a public high school in Mokane, Missouri, which has fielded a quizbowl team for quite a few years.

The high school team is coached by first-year head coaches and SCHS science teachers Greg Buschjost and Carrie Busalacki and was previously coached by Earl Williamson and Jim Farthing. The middle school also fields a team which competes with other middle schools and junior highs in the area.

MSHSAA History

  • 1996 - Placed second in the MSHSAA state championships, losing to Richland. At this time, the school was in MSHSAA class 2.
  • 1997 - Placed fourth in the MSHSAA state championships.
  • 2005 - Placed second in the MSHSAA district championships of Class 3, District 4, losing to Osage.
  • 2006 - Champions of the MSHSAA C3D4 tournament. Placed fourth in the MSHSAA state championships.
  • 2007 - Placed second in the MSHSAA C3D4 championships, losing to Hallsville.
  • 2008 - Placed second in the MSHSAA C3D4 championships, losing to Hallsville.
  • 2009 - Placed second in the MSHSAA C3D7 championships, losing to Hallsville.

Opponents and Rivalries

South Callaway competes in the Mid-Missouri Conference against quiz bowl teams from North Callaway, Southern Boone, Harrisburg, and Hallsville. Tipton does not field a quiz bowl team at this time.

The school was classified by MSHSAA as Class 3, District 4 in the 2003-2005 and 2006-2008 cycles, and as Class 3, District 7 in the 2008-2010 cycle.

The school's largest rivalry is by far that with Hallsville, a formidable conference and district opponent. Though fierce quiz bowl rivals, the two schools' captains in 2007-08, Alex Dzurick and Taylor Smith, traveled together with some other fellow high schoolers to the 2008 Truman State mirror of the Zot Bowl summer novice open tournament.

A north-south rivalry exists between South Callaway and perpetual archrival North Callaway, and some regional rivalries also involves Fulton and Southern Boone as well.

Tournament Attendance

South Callaway's tournament attendance has been consistently sparse in recent years. The schedule had mostly consisted of conference duals and the occasional county tournament. Since South Callaway transitioned into the newly-formed Mid-Missouri conference, a conference tournament has become an annual fixture. In 2008, due to the influence of the Missouri Academic Competition Message Board on captain Alex Dzurick, the team attended multiple tournaments, including the Warrenton Warrior Classic and the William Woods Academic Tournament. Despite fervent invitation from the Missouri team featuring alum Dzurick and a location less than an hour away, the team has not yet entered any of Missouri's tournaments.

Active Alumni

Alex Dzurick - Missouri