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* Alex Fournier
* Alex Fournier
* Hunter Smith
* Hunter Smith
* Nirmay Nanjappa*
* Nirmay Nanjappa*
* Nihar Nanjappa*
* Nihar Nanjappa*
<small>(* = no tournament experience yet)</small>
<small>(* = no tournament experience yet)</small>
==Year-by-year record==
==Year-by-year record==

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St. Margaret's Tartans
San Juan Capistrano, California
Club President Nate Kang
Coaches Simon Fellowes (History Bowl, de facto)
Jeff Jablonski (General quizbowl)
State Championships 2019 (NHBB San Diego, JV Division)
National Championships none
National Appearances Nat'l History Bowl: 2019, 19th place
Program Status Active
School Size 474 in Upper School (Grade 9-12)

The St. Margaret's quizbowl and history bowl teams (also listed as "St. Margaret's Episcopal" in rankings & standings) have represented the Tartans of St. Margaret's Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano, CA since the beginning of the 2018-19 high school competitive season. Both programs were established in 2018 by history specialist Nate Kang in his first year attending the school.

Though the schools are not rivals anywhere else, when it comes to quizbowl and history bowl competitions, the Tartans maintain a friendly rivalry with Arcadia. In all, the two schools have met 10 times (including Arcadia's A, C, D, and E teams) over the course of 4 different competitions since the SMES program's inception, with St. Margaret's winning 7 of those games.

Performances and achievements

St. Margaret's went just 2-6 playing varsity in their debut tournament, Del Norte Edgehog II, in December 2018. However, freshman Nate Kang did lead the tournament in scoring, at 82.50 ppg.

In February 2019, at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, St. Margaret's took home its first official silverware, winning its first-ever history bowl Regional Championship in the JV division. Going 6-0 in the competition, SMES defeated Arcadia C by 70 in the final to lift the trophy in a round moderated by tournament director Noah Prince. Nate Kang played solo in the bowl at this tournament and also won the regional championship in the bee on the same day.

On March 30, 2019, the Tartans won the ReKT II quizbowl tournament, hosted by Westview High, in the JV division. Nate Kang led all players with 123.64 ppg across all stages of the competition. They again defeated a team from Arcadia (this time, Arcadia D) in the final to win the title.

In April 2019, Kang soloed St. Margaret's junior varsity team to a 10-4 record at nats, good for a 19th place finish nationwide at the 2019 National History Bowl national championships in Arlington, VA.

Current roster

History Bowl roster



  • Lauren Spalding (captain)
  • Nihar Nanjappa
  • Matthew Rosenthal

Quizbowl roster


  • Nate Kang (captain)
  • Alex Fournier
  • Hunter Smith


  • Nirmay Nanjappa*
  • Nihar Nanjappa*

(* = no tournament experience yet)

Year-by-year record

Note: Only "A"-team records are listed below


  • History Bowl: 19-7 (.731) (9-3 in SoCal circuit), 1 tournament win (San Diego Regional Championship); National rank: #19 (finish at Nationals) / #9 (Madden Rank)
  • Quizbowl: 11-8 (.579), 1 tournament win (ReKT II)
  • Combined: 30-15 (.667) (20-11 SoCal)


  • History Bowl:
  • Quizbowl:
  • Combined: