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Stanford Online High School
Stanford, California
Club President None
Coaches Shiva Oswal
State Championships None
National Championships None
National Appearances None
Program Status Active
School Size 704

Stanford Online High School (sOHS) is an online school based in Stanford, California, although it has students from all over the world. The quiz bowl team was founded in 2016 by Beth Athaide, but the school attended no tournaments. In September, 2018, the school gained permission from NAQT to play in regular tournaments in Northern California. The team finished 3rd in California Cup #1, posting an impressive 25.37 PPB on WHAQ difficulty.

The Club

The sOHS quizbowl club has about 12 members, over half of which show up to tournaments. The co-presidents of the club are Karan Guruzada and Siddharth Srinivasan, both former players on BASIS Silicon Valley. The full roster of the Pi-oneers also play for sOHS.

2018-2019 Results

Date Tournament Question Set Team PPG PPB Rank Stats
10/27 California Cup #1 WHAQ III: Miami Vice A 454.0 25.37 3/19 [1]
10/27 California Cup #1 WHAQ III: Miami Vice B 281.0 18.53 14/19 [2]