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Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA
Current President or Coach Rebecca Rosenthal
National championships 1998 NAQT Undergraduate
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Swarthmore is a private liberal arts college in southeastern Pennsylvania and home to a quizbowl team of the same name.


Swarthmore has had a long history of participation at College Bowl, appearing on many of the televised events. The also have had success in pyramidal quizbowl, winning the first undergraduate title awarded at ICT in 1998. The club has largely been inactive since 2009, but was revived in 2016 with the arrival of Rebecca Rosenthal.


Swarthmore used to host SNEWT, a juniorbird tournament, every fall. However, this tournament has not occurred since 2005.

In the spring the team hosted Questions on the Crum (QOTC). There were around twelve of these tournaments, the last occurring in 2004. Scattered information about the first eleven tournaments are on the team website [1].

Swarthmore began hosting collegiate tournaments again in 2019, when they hosted a mirror of ACF Regionals.

Nationals Results

ACF Nationals (2005–) Division I ICT Division II ICT
1997 A: 26th
B: 57th
1998 11th (1st UG)
1999 14th
2000 20th
2002 32nd
2003 11th
2004 20th 16th
2005 30th 5th
2008 12th

Former Players

NAQT ICT Division I Undergraduate Champion
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