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| t14/25
| t14/25
| 8-7
| 8-7
|Matt Chalem (Washington), Ganon Evans ([[Francis Howell]]), William Gentry ([[St. Joseph Central]]), Spencer Johnson (Washington)
|Matt Chalem (Washington), Ganon Evans ([[Francis Howell]]), William Gentry ([[St. Joseph Central]]), Sophia Johnson (Washington)

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The state of Missouri usually fields a high school all-star team.

National Tournament of Academic Excellence (Panasonic)

During the days of the National Tournament of Academic Excellence, Missouri often fielded a team coached by longtime North Kansas City coach Larry Allen.

Known teams and results

Year Place Known team members
1999 4th Members of North Kansas City
2000 3rd Ryan Manuel (Blue Springs), Jeff Dazey (NKC), Adam Hill (Nixa), Mike Ruby (Liberty), Jon Matthew (NKC)
2001 Greg Martin (Savannah), Adam Hill (Nixa), Kit Dawson (Truman), Jon Matthew (NKC)
2002 Melissa McCush (Savannah), Kyle Hill (Liberty), Jon Matthew (NKC), Matt Conway (Boonville), Caleb Overman (NKC)
2003 Chris Ottolino (Parkway Central), Kyle Hill (Liberty), Hoan Nguyen (NKC), Caleb Overman (NKC)
2004 2nd Darren Wood (Savannah), Kim Kerr (Savannah), Taige Hou (Webb City), Michael Richards (Liberty), Tom Crowley (Savannah)
2005 Jimmy Li (Parkway Central), Michael Richards (Liberty), Tom Crowley (Savannah), David Hoffelmeyer (Savannah), Nate Kinast (Thomas Jefferson)
2006 3rd David Hoffelmeyer (Savannah), Andrew Hoekzema (Westminster Christian), Brandon Thomas (Mound City), Nate Kinast (Thomas Jefferson), Charles Dees (NKC)
2007 2nd John Ahlfield (Liberty), Terin Budine (Savannah), Charles Dees (NKC), Stephanie Hull (Liberty), Nate Kinast (Thomas Jefferson)
2008 no team
2009 no team


The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance has sponsored a team for NASAT every year since that tournament began in 2010.

A Team

Year Place Record Team members Coach
2010 12/16 5-11 Charlie Fritz (Villa Duchesne), Grant Gates (NKC), Ikshu Neithalath (Clayton), Nick Rupel (Parkway Central) Paul Nelson
2011 9/10 4-10 Craig Chval (Rock Bridge), Charlie Fritz (Villa Duchesne), Ikshu Neithalath (Clayton), Ben Zhang (Ladue) Jason Loy
2012 6/13 8-6 Jialin Ding (Ladue), Alex Meneses (Clayton), Max Schindler (Ladue), Ben Zhang (Ladue) Jason Loy
2013 1/13 14-2 Jialin Ding, Max Schindler, Haohang Xu, Ben Zhang (all from Ladue) Jason Loy
2014 8/17 10-6 Jialin Ding (Ladue), Jared Lockwood (Hallsville), Kisan Thakkar (Ladue), Ben Zhang (Ladue) Jason Loy
2015 10/12 3-13 Alex Harmata (Hickman), Evan Heronemus (Savannah), Jared Lockwood (Hallsville), Parth Parikh (Hannibal) Jason Loy
2016 t9/15 7-7 Alex Harmata (Hickman), Parth Parikh (Hannibal), Tim Quintanilla (Hannibal), Joe Stitz (Washington) Jason Loy
2017 t5/25 9-5 Alex Donovan (MICDS), Raj Paul (Ladue), Cole Phinney (Washington), Joe Stitz (Washington) Jason Loy and David Dennis
2018 6/29 8-6 William Gentry (St. Joseph Central), Akshay Govindan (Ladue), Raj Paul (Ladue), Michael Powers (Louisiana) Jason Loy and David Dennis

B Team

HSAPQ has allowed states to bring multiple teams to NASAT since 2016. Missouri fielded its first B team in 2017.

Year Place Record Team members
2017 t14/25 8-7 Matt Chalem (Washington), Ganon Evans (Francis Howell), William Gentry (St. Joseph Central), Sophia Johnson (Washington)
2018 19/29 4-10 Savannah Dillard (Thomas Jefferson Independent), Ganon Evans (Francis Howell), Collin Gentry (St. Joseph Central), Ben Husting (Helias)


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