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[[Ryan Carrusca]] (VP External)
[[Ryan Carrusca]] (VP External)
[[Amanda Doyle]] (VP Admin)

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University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC
Current President or Coach Carlos Doebeli
National championships None

The University of British Columbia quizbowl team was first established in 2003, and was re-established in 2017 after a 10-year hiatus. The team is based in Vancouver, Canada.

The new UBC Quizbowl team was founded by Carlos Doebeli in 2017. The team entered two teams in the 2017 ACF Fall tournament at the University of Washington, where their teams placed 5th and 6th.


The first Quizbowl team at UBC was founded by Grace Lam, and was then led by Mike Whitaker. The team had very quick success, though only against cross-town rival Simon Fraser or at VETO. A team from UBC finished 19th in DI at the 2005 ICT, the best result by a Canadian team in the top division until Toronto's result in the 2009 NAQT SCT in Dallas, where they finished 17th. Toronto would go on to set the current record for a Canadian school in 2010 at the Chicago NAQT ICT, where they finished 6th.

The following year, some key players graduated and internal disputes - particularly between Fred Sheppard and Daniel Pareja - flared up across the Web. UBC's quizbowl reputation was somewhat tarnished by these events, though it is currently in a more peaceful existence now.

UBC regularly hosted BC Bowl and a mirror of the Ottawa Hybrid Tournament, and alternated hosting duties for the NAQT SCT with Simon Fraser University in the sparsely-attended Northwest region.

Current Members

Carlos Doebeli (President)

Ryan Miller (Treasurer)

Paul Watkins (VP Content)

Ryan Carrusca (VP External)

Amanda Doyle (VP Admin)