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Weekend of Quizbowl Goodness: BYO Dagger was an event that occurred from March 14 to 16, 2008. Organized by Chris Ray in the name of DACQ, it ran at George Mason with the aim of attracting a nationals-caliber field to play multiple high quality events. The schedule called for running Wallace Stevens Memorial Singles by Ted Gioia on Friday night, a high school mirror of Matt Cvijanovich Memorial Novice Tournament on Saturday, a cancelled Saturday night doubles tournament, and a high school mirror of 2008 Division II SCT on Sunday. The tournament was plagued with logistical issues, including rebracketing delays and teams leaving to catch flights [1] [2].

Daichi Ueda won lit singles; Whitman won the Saturday tournament, and Wilmington Charter was crowned the winner of the Sunday tournament after the other finalist, Dorman, had to leave.

Weekend of Quizbowl 2 was taken over by Matt Weiner and Dave Bykowski of PACE; it ran at GMU on March 14th and 15th, 2009, and was preceded by lit singles written by Ike Jose. Despite aiming for a 48-team field on both days, only 20 teams attended the Saturday event, an old NSC-format set written by members of PACE, and 14 attended the Sunday event (a high school mirror of MUT II). Some number of high schoolers also signed up to play a Saturday night singles event made from tossups from HSAPQ's Four-Quarter set.

Ben Geselowitz won lit singles with then-sophomore Graham Moyer placing second. Hunter won both main tournaments; in addition, Guy Tabachnick won Saturday night singles [3].

After lackluster attendance at the second WoQ, the event was cancelled. Despite this, a small event at Clemson called itself "Weekend of Quizbowl" in spring 2010.


Year Number of teams Champion Second Third Fourth
2008 Saturday 33 Wilmington Charter Thomas Jefferson Stuyvesant MLK Magnet
2008 Sunday Unknown N/A N/A N/A N/A
2009 Saturday 20 Hunter Maggie Walker State College Wilmington Charter
2009 Sunday 12 Hunter Dorman Walter Johnson Maggie Walker