Westbrook Method

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The Westbrook Method is a school of buzzing strategy that advocates wildly guessing your first inkling at the answer. It is the logical extreme of lateral thinking and often leads to 2:1 tossup-neg ratios.

Possibly the ne plus ultra of Westbrook-style play was exemplified by Stephen Nichols of Seton Hall at the 2007 CBI NCT. As shown in the official stats, our intrepid hero managed to completely zero himself over 15 rounds, putting up a tossup/neg line of 21/42.

Notable circuit practitioners of the Westbrook Method include Ryan Westbrook and Nathan Freeburg.


The Russell Westbrook Method

A playing style that emulates the great basketball player Russell Westbrook, it encourages the player to buzz whenever he feels like it, and aggressively attack the question. When buzzing in before the powermark, the player can expect a success rate of about .300 per tournament. The most important tenet of this philosophy is to not let a string of four or five negs faze you, and to keep on buzzing. A good motto for plays employing this method goes: "You neg 100% of the buzzes you don't power, but you also miss 100% of the powers you don't buzz."