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Wheelersburg High School
Wheelersburg, OH
Club President None
Coaches Brian Oakes
State Championships 1985 OAC

1986 OAC

National Championships 1984 NAC
National Appearances Unknown
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown

Wheelersburg High School is a public high school located in southern Ohio. It had much success in the mid-eighties, winning the NAC and the first two Ohio Academic Competitions. They appear to have been inactive for many years until recently returning to competition winning an A level tournament and qualifying for HSNCT.

Current players

  • Colin Hanzel
  • Duncan Macdonald
  • Eliza Eaches
  • Hannah Duckworth
  • Jessie Wright
  • Lana Purcell
  • Logan Miller
  • Maria Fraulini
  • Michael Spradlin
  • Nate Marcum
  • Paige Ballard
  • Tait Nelson

Succession of titles

NAC Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Walt Whitman
OAC Champion
Preceded by
Succeeded by
First Champion
1985, 1986

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