Will Holub-Moorman

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Will Holub-Moorman
Noted subjects "Thought," academic history, general humanities
Current college Princeton (2020-)
Past colleges Harvard (2012–2017)
High school East Chapel Hill (2010–2012)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Will Holub-Moorman is a current player at Princeton. He is a former player for Harvard, where he was the second scorer on their 5th-place team at the 2014 ACF Nationals.

In high school, he was the driving force behind the improvement of the East Chapel Hill team, where he played with Jacob Reed. Known for his deep knowledge of the social sciences and miscellaneous "thought," he contributed most of the best-received questions from 2015's VICO, edited for the 2018 ACF Regionals and 2019 ACF Regionals, and edited social science and "other" for the 2018 Chicago Open, in addition to writing numerous questions throughout the distribution. Will returned to edit social science for the 2019 Chicago Open, as well as for both the 2020 and 2021 iterations of WORKSHOP.

Will began a PhD in history at Princeton in 2020 and plans to play occasionally.