William Gaddis Experimental Tournament

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The William Gaddis Experimental Tournaments were high-difficulty tournaments which have been run as side events during NAQT's HSNCT.


William Gaddis Experiment: This Tournament is About Learning tournament was written by Jonathan Magin, in collaboration with Ahmad Ragab, Dennis Jang, Shantanu Jha, Mike Bentley, Gautam Kandlikar, Charles Meigs, Greg Peterson, and Katy Peters. It notably used the 6-point difficulty scale and was described in its announcement as "more difficult than ACF Nationals 2007, but less difficult than Ryan Westbrook's doubles". It took rather long to finish. It ran somewhat late.

A highlight of the announcement thread was Naren Tallapragada describing Andre Yaphe's knowledge of "random literary work" The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.

Results could formerly be found at this link: broken link

2009 Gaddis

This tournament was written by Jonathan Magin, Ahmad Ragab, Shantanu Jha, Mike Bentley, Gautam Kandlikar, Chris Chiego, Eric Mukherjee, and Jerry Vinokurov, with contributions by Guy Tabachnick, Mik Larsen, Kent Buxton, Dwight Wynne, Donald Taylor, and probably some others. Though Jonathan Magin had proposed to run this in a different format, it ended up being played just like any other quiz bowl event with a draft.

Stats can be found here: traditional format and wacky format.