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{{Infobox|Name = Zachary Yan
|Image =
|Subjects = general
|schoolcur = [[St. Olaf]] (2013-)
|schoolpast = None
|highschool = [[Wayzata]] (2011-2013)
| }}
Zachary Yan played for [[St. Olaf| St. Olaf College]] and [[Wayzata]]. He started quizbowl junior year of high school and played on Wayzata's A team at at the [[2012 HSNCT]] and [[2013 HSNCT]]; those teams placed T13 and T50 respectively. Individually, he won both the 2011 and 2012 Minnesota State History Bee but only went to the 2011 [[National History Bee|Nationals]], where he placed 41st out of 165.
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