Zakk Waddell

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Zakk Waddell
Noted Subjects:
Literature, Mythology
Current Collegiate Team N/A
Past Collegiate Teams Wallace State
High School Team West Point
Middle School Team West Point Middle

Zakk "Double K" Waddell is the captain of the 2013-2014 West Point High School Scholar's Bowl Team.

As a sophomore, he was one of the hardest working players in the game, spending an absurd amount of time on Protobowl and pouring over old NAQT packets. This dedication has led to several individual awards.

Zakk has led his team to the ASCA State Championship Tournament and to the Inaugural SSNCT and 2014 HSNCT.

Upon graduation in 2016, Zakk and fellow West Point teammate Ross Wallace moved on to play quizbowl at Wallace State. During Zakk's two years as captain, the team won two ACBL state championships and had two impressive finishes at CCCT.