High School Academic Pyramid Questions

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High School Academic Pyramid Questions
President or CEO Shawn Pickrell
Location: Vienna, VA
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HSAPQ (High School Academic Pyramid Questions) is a question writing company started in 2008. It strives to provide high quality pyramidal questions to high school tournaments. For the 2008-09 season, HSAPQ produced four ACF-format sets, one Four-Quarter format set, and two NSC-format sets. For the 2009-10 season, they planned to produce six ACF-format sets and three Four-Quarter sets; however, difficulties in completing their first two sets led them to cut back to three ACF-format sets and two Four-Quarter sets.

Since 2009, HSAPQ has been the question provider for VHSL; their VHSL questions have been lauded by schools such as Maggie Walker and Christiansburg for their improved quality. Since 2011, HSAPQ has been the question provider for National History Bowl, and in 2012 will produce its qualifying sets as well.

HSAPQ runs the National All-Star Academic Tournament in June.

Legally, HSAPQ is owned by Shawn Pickrell and is a continuation of his Scholastic Bowl Company of Virginia, though in reality, most actual responsibility lies in the hands of several editors.

Current Members

HSAPQ also employs a number of freelance question writers, some of whom are listed below.

Former Members


HSAPQ Website