Trygve Meade

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Trygve Meade
Noted Subjects:
Current Collegiate Team SIU (inactive)
Past Collegiate Teams Illinois (2007-2010)
High School Team Canton
Middle School Team None

Trygve Meade is a law student at Southern Illinois University and former president of the Illinois Academic Buzzer Team.

Meade was oddly entrusted with the chief administratorship of the forums after the retirement of Fred Morlan, a position in which he served until July 2010. After his tenure, a controversy arose as to whether he had accessed the HSAPQ forum while not a member of HSAPQ, an action for which he apologized [1].

Trygve served as Communications Director of PACE, and as its President from summer 2010 until his resignation in July 2011.

Writing/Editing Work

He is notable for having had his laptop stolen, thus preventing the Social Science / Philosophy tournament from happening during 2008 Chicago Open weekend.

Other Roles

ThrowinUpTs (3:42:25 AM): you know whos a real quizbowl hottie? ThrowinUpTs (3:43:23 AM): trygve meade ThrowinUpTs (3:47:32 AM): i shouldnt have to explain something so self evident