2023 Halloween Hippopotamus Invitational

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Halloween Hippopotamus Invitational
Holiday Hippopotamus Invitational, HHI
Competition season Winter 2023
School(s) George Washington
Head editor(s) Sid Kuchimanchi
Difficulty 1.5-2 dots
First mirror November 10, 2018
Announcement link
Packets link

Halloween Hippopotamus Invitational (HHI) was a collegiate 1.5-2 dot difficulty hybrid tournament primarily written by members of the George Washington team for the 2023 winter season. The tournament was head edited by Sid Kuchimanchi (also subject editing Thought, Pop Culture), with subject editors Nick Lane (Literature, Beliefs), Andrew Amygdalos (History), Eva Lettiere (Science, Pop Culture), Ethan Cohen (Pop Culture) and Minjae Lee (Pop Culture).

The tournament was playtested through October of 2023 by Chinmay Kansara, Joseph Chambers, Dan Ni, James Orefice, Anuttam Ramji, Coby Tran, and Enes Kristo. The main site of the tournament was run at GWU on November 4th, 2023.

The name of the tournament was derived from The River Horse, a bronze hippopotamus status at GWU.