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Quizbowl, or quiz bowl, is the most common name for a team-based competition involving answering knowledge-testing questions with a buzzer. Quizbowl is played at thousands of colleges, high schools, and middle schools across the United States, but competitions exist throughout the world with different names and different formats. In the US, the most common format on the national high school and college level is a two-team competition in which the teams compete to buzz in on tossup questions and then collaborate on bonus questions.

The most important organizations in quizbowl are ACF (at the collegiate level), PACE (at the high school level), and NAQT (at the collegiate, high school, and middle school levels). Much quizbowl community activity occurs at, which is hosted by the Quizbowl Resource Center. Also check out our pages on quizbowl software, buzzer sets, and outreach to new schools and players.

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The Solon High School quizbowl team competes at the 2018 PACE National Scholastic Championship.

Photo credit: David Reinstein

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