2023 IQBT Undergraduate Championship

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2023 IQBT Undergrad
Edited by John Lawrence (head editor)
Champion Chicago A
Runner-up Illinois A
Third Cornell A
Fourth Georgia Tech
High scorer Sean Farrell, North Florida
Site Online
Field 29
Stats Qualifier

The 2023 IQBT Undergraduate Championship Tournament was the first ever standalone national championship tournament exclusively for undergraduate students, held online on 4-5 March of 2023. The question set for the tournament was head-edited by John Lawrence, with subject editors Matt Bollinger, Emmett Laurie, Evan Lynch, Eric Mukherjee, and Ryan Rosenberg and targeted 3 dots in difficulty on the College Quizbowl Calendar Scale, placing it closer to regular-season "regs+" sets than other national championship sets such as ACF Nationals.


Qualification for the 2023 UCT was determined by a 60-question, all-bonus score attack qualifier, held from 10-13 November 2022. Teams were ranked according to their total points scored over the 60 questions, with ties being broken by performance on five added tiebreaker questions. 71 teams competed in the qualifier, with the top 30 receiving invitations to the championship in March.


The Championship tournament was held online, on the weekend of 4-5 March 2023. Chicago A cleared the field with a 12-0 record, while Illinois A defeated Cornell A in a one-game tiebreaker to finish second. North Florida's Sean Farrell led the field in individual scoring.