Abigail Tan

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Abigail Tan
Abigail Tan.PNG
Noted subjects History
Current college Cambridge (2020-2023)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Abigail Tan is a mathematics graduate and former player for Cambridge. Abigail is primarily a history specialist, particularly in ancient history. She played for Cambridge A in the 2022-23 academic year.

University Career

In her first year (2020-21), Abigail played mostly on Cambridge C as a novice science specialist, and played on both the Committee team and the A team in the 2021 Cambridge-Oxford Varsity match.

Abigail won ACF Fall 2021 after a 310-285 final against Oxford A, and started switching specialisms to (mostly pre-modern) history from late 2021, learning many topics effectively from scratch. Abigail played on Cambridge B at BSQC 2022, finishing in 6th place. At Varsity 2022, she played for Cambridge B again, winning 375-250 against Oxford B.

In third year, Abigail played on Cambridge A primarily as a history specialist, winning ACF Winter 2022 and placing 2nd at ACF Regionals 2023, in addition to being President and Squad Captain of the society. At BSQC 2023, Abigail played on Cambridge A with teammates Harrison Whitaker, Liam Hughes, and Oscar Despard. They eventually placed 3rd, winning 9 of 11 games and being two tossups away from clearing the field, only losing on single tossups to Imperial A and to Oxford A, where not negging a tiebreaker on the Arpads with Magyars by forgetting the "this dynasty" indicator would have resulted in them making the final. The same team won Varsity 2023 by 310-280, the first Cambridge victory over Oxford in 4 years. At MRNA II, she played on a team that eventually finished 2nd after Imperial A, while being one of only two teams to win a match against Imperial A since the beginning of 2023, having done so 375-175 during the tournament playoffs.

Along with writing several vanity packets, Abigail edited the pre-1600 history for the 2023 Cambridge and Oxford Open Tournament (COOT), and was the head-editor for its 2024 edition.