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Carmel High School

Location: 520 E. Main Street
Carmel, IN 46032
State: Indiana

Club President Akash Bhowmik
Coaches Head Coach: James Hambley Assistant Coach: Shawn Curtis
State Championships 0
National Championships 0
National Appearances 1
Program Status Active
School Size 5,286 students (2018-19)
Social Media @carmelquizbowl

Carmel High School is a large public school located in Carmel, Indiana. It participates in NAQT tournaments and the White River Academic League.

Ancient History

Carmel's Quizbowl team was originally named the Academic Competition Team (A.C.T.). The A.C.T. played in the Westfield Insurance Brain Game, and notably came runner-up in 2012. One year after the Brain Game's cancelation in 2017, the head coach of Carmel's A.C.T. left, causing the A.C.T. to become the Quizbowl team with the introduction of coaches James Hambley and Shawn Curtis and through actions by club president Justin Yu and seniors Joey Heerens and Andrew Sleugh to reform the Quizbowl club entering the 2018-19 season.


2018-19 Season

The A Team at the 2019 HSNCT in Atlanta, Georgia.

2018-19 Roster

A Team

Akash Bhowmik, Justin Yu, Joey Heerens, Anthony Ou, Gary Zhang

B Team

Raphael Li, Jeffery Tan, Kyle Zheng, James Zhang, Audrey Satchivi, Andrew Sleugh, Austin Guo

2018-19 Season Summary

The Greyhounds kicked off the season at Northmont High School in Clayton, Ohio by placing 11th at the Thirteenth Annual Rowdy Raider Tournament. Following a decent placement for a first-year Quizbowl club, the Greyhounds went to the New Trier Varsity Tournament at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, where Carmel's A Team became infamous among Quizbowl rankings analysts for participating on the Sun God set and requiring manual adjustment of Carmel's GrogerScore[1]. Following a long drought of no tournaments, Carmel competed at the 2019 NAQT State Quiz Bowl Championship, where Carmel's A Team finished runner-up, qualifying for nationals, and the B Team made a surprising finish at 4th. To wrap up the season, Carmel sent 8 players to compete as the A Team to the 2019 HSNCT, where the Greyhounds finished 155th and didn't make playoffs.

2018-19 Season Results

Tournament Date A Team Place B Team Place
Thirteenth Annual Rowdy Raider Tournament 12/1 11th
New Trier Varsity Tournament 12/15 10th 43rd
2019 NAQT Indiana State Championship 3/9 2nd 4th
2019 HSNCT 5/24-5/26 155th

2019-20 Season

The A and B Team both taking the dub in a White River Academic League game at University High School in early 2020.

2019 Free Agency

CHS underwent a major rebuilding process with the loss of many of its senior veterans. Among the new recruits were freshmen Archit Kalra, Harry Zheng, and Jordan Seigel, sophomores Shrithan Sandadi, Kevin Wang, Krish Jayarapu, and Nolan Jones, and junior Neal Joshi.

2019-20 Roster

A Team

Akash Bhowmik, Archit Kalra, Austin Guo, James Zhang, Colin Zou

B Team

Nolan Jones, Neal Joshi, Shrithan Sandadi, Harry Zheng, Kevin Wang, Krish Jayarapu, Jordan Seigel

2019-20 Season Summary

The Greyhounds started off the season qualifying for HSNCT at the Class Act High School Invitational in Louisville, Kentucky, with the A Team placing 4th overall. Following Class Act, the Hounds went to Northmont High School in Clayton, Ohio to compete in the Rowdy Raider Invitational, where A Team would finish 13th place. The Hounds would follow up by travelling to Clermont Northeastern High School in Batavia, Ohio to compete in the Southwestern by Northeastern Tournament, where A Team finished first against Little Miami C in the finals, the team that prevented B Team's HSNCT qualification by defeating them in the quarterfinals. After a huge victory for A Team and a narrow defeat for B Team, the A Team went to Tri Junior-Senior High School in Straughn, Indiana for the IASP Indiana State Regionals, qualifying for the IASP Indiana State Quiz Bowl Championship with a decisive first-place finish. Following the major win at Regionals, the Hounds traveled to William Mason High School in Mason, Ohio to compete in the Mason Mashup Invitational, where A Team grabbed the first-place finish and B Team would finish 3rd. At the IASP Indiana State Quiz Bowl Championship, the A Team would finish 3rd overall, marking an end to the 2019-20 season for the Greyhounds as the 2020 HSNCT would be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2019-20 Season Results

Tournament Date A Team Place B Team Place
Class Act High School Invitational 11/23 4th 15th
Fourteenth Annual Rowdy Raider Invitational 12/7 13th 26th
Southwestern by Northeastern Tournament 12/14 1st 5th
IASP Indiana State Regionals Straughn 1/25 1st
Mason Mashup Invitational 2/29 1st 3rd
IASP Indiana State Quiz Bowl Championship 3/7 3rd

2020-21 Season

2020 Free Agency

Before the 2020 free agency, CHS announced the creation of three new teams: the C Team, the D Team, and the E Team. The C Team signed freshman Shravan Chengalva, sophomores Lucca Mo, Eric Yang, and Matthew Rao, and junior Raymond Pan. The B Team attempted to trade Jordan Seigel and a 2025 first-round pick to the C Team in return for Raymond Pan, but the trade was nullified by NAQT for "Quizbowl reasons." Archit Kalra signed a 3-year, $90 million extension with the A Team, becoming the highest paid player in Quizbowl history. Nolan Jones, affected by the tragic loss of Nolan James, decided to take his talents to South Beach and join the B Team in his ESPN-exclusive documentary "The Quizision," joining forces with Neal Joshi and Harry Zheng to form a Big Three. However, the B Team would lose their first option player in Shrithan Sandadi to the E Team, with Sandadi signing a 2-year, $30 million contract with the expansion franchise. The last expansion franchise, the D Team, signed Jack Liu on a $2, 2-year contract and Canaan He on a $5, 3-year contract, and are expected to become the first team in Quizbowl history to lose every match this coming 2020-21 season.

2020-21 Roster

A Team

Akash Bhowmik, Archit Kalra, Austin Guo, James Zhang, Colin Zou

B Team

Nolan Jones, Neal Joshi, Harry Zheng, Kevin Wang, Jordan Seigel

C Team

Raymond Pan, Shravan Chengalva, Lucca Mo, Eric Yang, Matthew Rao

D Team

Jack Liu, Canaan He

E Team

Shrithan Sandadi

2020-21 Season Results

Tournament Date A Team Place B Team Place C Team Place
University of Kentucky Fall Championship 10/10 4th 7th
Class Act High School Invitational 12/5 1st 5th
Purdue Boilermaker Buzzathon V 12/19 2nd 6th 19th
Country Roads Invitational 1/9 3rd 1st 13th
Detroit Academic Regular Tournament 1/16 2nd
IASP Indiana State Regionals Indiana Academy 1/23 1st
SATURNALIA @ UIUC 2/6 5th 11th
BHSAT XXX 2/27 4th 9th
IASP Indiana State Quiz Bowl Championship 3/6 2nd
Gopher Spring Tournament 3/13 3rd 5th 13th
ACRONYM 14 Online Championship 5/8 30th 40th
AQBL May: Saturday 5/8 1st
2021 HSNCT 5/29-5/30 8th 31st
TRASH @ ONCT 6/25 1st 7th
2021 ONCT 6/26-6/27 5th