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{{Infobox|Name = David Dennis
{{Coachbox|Name = David Dennis
|Image =  
|Image =  
|Subjects = Music, Trash
|currentschool = [[Washington (Missouri High School)]] (2014-Present); Middle School (?-Present)
|schoolcur = None
|schoolpast =
|schoolpast= None
|highschool = [[Washington (Missouri High School)]] (2014-Present) [Head Coach]
|middleschool = [[Washington]] (?-Present) [Head Coach]
| }}
| }}

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David Dennis
Current Team Coached Washington (Missouri High School) (2014-Present); Middle School (?-Present)
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David Dennis is the current head coach of the Washington High School Quizbowl team. He is also the head coach of the school district's middle school team. Along with Jason Loy, Dennis is an advocate of the growing middle school circuit in Missouri. He previously played the Governor's Cup series in Kentucky in high school.

In 2014, David was voted in as a member of the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance.