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''As of HSNCT 2017''
''As of HSNCT 2017''
* Vishwa Shanmugam
* Vishwa Shanmugam
* Anish Gadgil
* [[User:Anish Gadgil|Anish Gadgil]]
* Rohan Vora
* Rohan Vora
* Sashwat Venkatesh
* Sashwat Venkatesh

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Downingtown STEM Academy
Downingtown, PA
National Appearances HSNCT: 2017
Program Status Active
School Size 789
NAQT Page link

The Downingtown STEM Academy is a public magnet high school in Downingtown, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. They are regular participants in the local Chester County Intermediate Unit competition. After discovering pyramidal quizbowl in January 2017, they have become regulars in the southeastern Pennsylvania circuit, eventually appearing at HSNCT.

Current Roster

As of HSNCT 2017

  • Vishwa Shanmugam
  • Anish Gadgil
  • Rohan Vora
  • Sashwat Venkatesh
  • Saahas Yechuri