Graham Cope

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Graham Cope
Noted subjects Biology, European History, Mother Russia
Current college Florida (2020-present)
High school Vanguard (2016-2020)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Graham Cope is the current quizbowl club president at Florida. He is definitely the tallest quizbowler to graduate from Vanguard High School in 2020 (at least over the 5'3" Jordan Davidsen). Of note, he is an expert on Valois France, the Iberian peninsula, and the parts of the Mabinogion that he's read.

Graham is a 2022 SUMO champion, a title which he's more than happy to flaunt to any cashiers willing to listen. He currently plays on Florida's A team with Leah Honsinger, Leo Law, and Tracy Mirkin.