Lucas Brown

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Lucas A. Brown
Noted subjects General, Science (esp. physics), Geography, Edgar Allan Poe
Past colleges Caltech
High school Rancho Bernardo (2007-2011)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Lucas Brown is a quizbowler from Southern California, where he has played from 2007 to the present. He then attended Caltech.

Lucas is known in the SoCal circuit for winning the neg prize at every tournament he attended save five (HSNCT 2009, UCLA's 2010 mirror of the New Trier Varsity tournament, ACF Fall 2010, HSNCT 2011, and NASAT 2011) and for his solo performances (Technophobia Jr 2009, ASCII 2009, Technophobia Jr 2010, Triton Winter 2011, and the NAQT Southern CA state championships 2011), notably qualifying for the 2011 HSNCT as a soloist on two separate occasions (the 2011 Southern CA State Championships and the 2010 Technophobia Jr). He is also known for a gaping hole in trash that he managed to fill in the span of about a month in the middle of his senior year.

He is also considered to be the first individual to have a career total of over 10,000 points from NAQT's high school level preliminary rounds, though use of pseudonyms precludes certainty in this statement.

National titles

In his sophomore year at HSNCT, as half of the two-man Rancho Bernardo B team, he placed twenty-second individually, the highest-ranked sophomore at the tournament.

Tournament editing and writing

Lucas helped write a packet for ACF Fall 2010 and contributed some questions to the 2011 Fall Novice Tournament.