NAQT Maryland/DC State Championship

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The NAQT Maryland and Washington, D.C. Championship is a high school tournament using NAQT questions. It is only open to teams from Maryland and Washington. In 2011 "Washington, D.C." was added to the official name of the tournament, better reflecting the actual field. The tournament was not held in 2014.

Year Field Champion Second Place Third
2001 Georgetown Day A Eleanor Roosevelt A Georgetown Day B
2004 15 Eleanor Roosevelt Gonzaga Richard Montgomery A
2007 20 Richard Montgomery A Eleanor Roosevelt Walt Whitman A
2010 9 Georgetown Day A St. Anselm's A Richard Montgomery
2011 14 Richard Montgomery A Montgomery Blair A Richard Montgomery B
2012 22 St. Anselm's Georgetown Day A Richard Montgomery A
2013 14 Montgomery Blair A Walter Johnson Georgetown Day
2015 8 Centennial A Richard Montgomery Montgomery Blair