Online National Championship Tournament

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The Online National Championship Tournament or ONCT is a high school national championship hosted by the American Quizbowl League. As the name implies, the tournament is held online, using Discord and

Matches are held in a standard 20/20 format, with 15 point powers, –5 point negs, and no bouncebacks on bonuses.

The tournament was first held in 2021, at the end of AQBL's first season of operation. For the inaugural edition, AQBL did not produce its own questions; instead, it used SMH, a collegiate question set of around high-school nationals difficulty.

AQBL has announced that they will not be holding ONCT in 2022.


Year Champion Runner-Up Third Place Fourth Place Location Field size Question set Stats
2021 "Scalene Triangle" Detroit Country Day St. Mark's Ladue Discord 64 SMH [1]