Penn State

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Penn State
State College, PA
Current President or Coach Victor Prieto
National championships None
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Penn State is a quizbowl team from the university of the same name at State College, PA. An original team dissolved at Penn State in 2005, and a revival team has returned to activity on the circuit.


The Penn State team dissolved in the 2005 school year, shortly after they attended that year's SNEWT. After a period of dormancy, the team was revived in 2009. This has included appearances at Pennbowl, ACF events, and others. Though non-competitive for a while, the team's on-the-buzzer fortunes have improved and their activity has increased.


In the 1990s, the team hosted Nittany Bowl. Until around 1995 this was done with packet submission CBI-style questions. Then mACF questions were used. In 1998 the tournament used one of NAQT's first invitational series.

Penn State hosted at least one incarnation of the Wild Cat Invitational (it certainly happened in 2002).

Penn State hosted the second TRASHionals in 1999.

A poorly received 2013 high school tournament known as "Penn State Invitational" received scorn due to a weird power-matching format which caused some teams to play each other four times over the course of a ten round tournament. More recently Penn State hosted a well received return to High School events with Nittany Lion Novice in December 2015. These invitationals have been the only known high school tournaments to draw a field of more than five in the Central Pennsylvania area in several years.

Current Members

Former Members

  • Kevin Deam
  • Tom Perrone