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The QBWiki strives to be a definitive source for everything related to quizbowl. That being said, some persons may wish to not have personal details about their lives revealed on the internet. For this reason, the QBWiki has introduced the following informal privacy policy.

What Is Always Acceptable For the QBWiki

Reasonably available public information, such as being part of a school's quizbowl team or having attended a tournament, is always fair game for inclusion on this site. This information usually comes from other online sources, and thus is already generally available.

What May Be Removed From the QBWiki

Personal details that do not pertain directly to quizbowl and that are not already available on the internet. For example, a story recounting what you saw Leo Wolpert do at the 2004 Chicago Open is acceptable material for the site as long as it is accurate, but Leo also has the permission to request that such information be deleted. His actual attendance at that tournament qualifies under "What is Always Acceptable For the QBWiki".

What is Unacceptable For the QBWiki

False and slanderous information is never acceptable on the QBWiki.

How To Remove Information From the QBWiki

Please contact the QBWiki's administrator, Jonah Greenthal (jonah+qbwiki@jonahgreenthal.com) if you feel there is something of yours that should be removed.

Please do not make substantial changes to your own page removing information without prior permission. In addition to the aforementioned policies, keep in mind that simply editing a page does not make information disappear: old versions of the page are always accessible in the history tab. If an administrator agrees that the content was inappropriate, he will delete the entire page and (if necessary) re-create it in a cleaned-up form so that the information to be removed is no longer available.