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*[http://www.slammersystems.com/ Slammer Systems]
*[http://www.slammersystems.com/ Slammer Systems]
*[http://www.quizbowlsystems.com/index.html QuizBowl Systems]
*[http://www.quizbowlsystems.com/index.html QuizBowl Systems]

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Slammer Systems
President or CEO unknown
Location: Chicago, IL
Status Open

Slammer Systems is a company that makes a buzzer system called "Slam-in". The system uses individual wireless boxes for buzzers, activated by pressing a colored plate on the top (slamming the buzzer). The buzzers run using a computer and special software that also runs the match (timers, scoring, recognition, etc.), displaying a scoreboard for the players, officials, and spectators.

The software also allows for livestreaming the scoreboard during the game, as well as remote competition.

Slam-in systems are used for the IESA state series, the Commissioner's Academic Challenge, and, before it went defunct, NTAE.


The slam-in system does not meet NAQT's Lockout System Discount Policy, as the buzzers are wireless. Additionally, the default configuration requires a computer (although a console box is available as an add-on to allow for computer-free operation).

QuizBowl Systems

Slammer Systems in headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, however, its assembly and servicing is done by a company called Current Works, Inc, which is located in far north suburban Johnsburg, Illinios. Current Works also does assembly and production for QuizBowl Systems, which shares the same Chicago headquarters as Slammer Systems.

Under the QuizBowl Systems banner, the two main products are QuizBowl Systems Lite Show and QuizBowl Systems Lite Box. The Lite Show is a PC based software package that turns computers into lockout systems that can be used on individual computers or modified for internet use. The Lite Box is a hardware package that allows for either individual wireless "slammer" (pedal) devices for players to use, or standard wire pushbuttons.

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