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{{Highschoolteam|Name = Sparkman High
{{Highschoolteam|Name = Sparkman High School
|image = Sparkman High AL.png
|image = Sparkman High AL.png
|citystate =Harvest, AL
|citystate =Harvest, AL

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Sparkman High School
Sparkman High AL.png
Harvest, AL
Club President None
Coaches Angela Silvey
State Championships ASCA: None
National Championships None
National Appearances Unknown
Program Status Active
School Size 2478

Sparkman High School is a public school in Harvest, AL. It is a 9-12 school that gets its students from Monrovia Middle and Sparkman Middle. Sparkman has never had much success, but they have qualified for 2 straight JV State Tournaments with the team of Caleb Etheridge, Eshan Pokhrel, Rebecca Jensen, and Andrew Goetz. The team led Monrovia Middle to their first state championship in 2018.

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