VCU Winter Tournament

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The VCU Winter Tournament is annually the second of the three high school tournaments regularly held by VCU. It occurs in December or January of each academic year.

Date VCU Winter# Champion Runner-up Stats Question Set
12/13/08 I Maggie Walker Cosby Stats HSAPQ Tournament 5
12/5/09 II Maggie Walker Georgetown Day Stats NAQT IS-90
1/23/11 III Maggie Walker A St. Anselm's Stats 2011 VCU-Vanderbilt Set
12/10/11 IV St. Anselm's Georgetown Day Stats NAQT IS-111
12/1/12 V Guilford A Richard Montgomery Stats NAQT IS-122
12/7/13 VI Dorman A Maggie Walker A Stats NAQT IS-132
12/6/14 VII Maggie Walker A Richard Montgomery A Stats NAQT IS-142
12/5/15 VIII Richard Montgomery Maggie Walker A Stats NAQT IS-152
12/3/2016 IX Montgomery Blair A Maggie Walker A Stats NAQT IS-162
12/2/2017 X Maggie Walker A Riverbend Stats NAQT IS-168
12/5/2020 XI National: Chattahoochee A, Varsity: Roeper, JV: Longfellow A National: Maggie Walker A, Varsity: Chattahoochee C, JV: Longfellow B Stats NAQT IS-195
12/4/2021 XII Upper: Douglas Freeman A , Standard: Norfolk Academic Guild B Upper: Thomas Jefferson B, Standard: Maggie Walker C Stats NAQT IS-206
12/3/2022 XIII Upper: BASIS McLean B, Standard: Maggie Walker C Upper: McLean A, Standard: Maggie Walker D Stats NAQT IS-215