Wesley Zhang

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Wesley Zhang (Class of 2020) is a veteran quizbowl player for CCA. One of the strongest players on the Ravens' roster, he is a strong generalist, but is considered by many to be an history specialist who has excelled in a number of NHBB competitions over the years in addition to his exploits in general quizbowl.

He was the individual champion of the 2018 Los Angeles History Bee in the JV Division, defeating Camelot Academy's Nate Kang in the Final. At 2019 HSNCT, he led a Canyon Crest A team that tied for 19th in scoring and the CCA team that went 25th at 2019 PACE NSC.

Other QB-related activities

Wesley also enjoys helping out by scoring or even moderating rounds when he is not actually playing in the competition. He modded a couple of rounds at the 2019 San Diego History Bee & Bowl Championships (which were hosted by his school, Canyon Crest Academy) and the 2019 NHBB SoCal Championships.