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Westmont Sentinels
Westmont, Illinois
Coaches Tom DeMay
State Championships none
National Championships 2021 SSNCT (Trad, VSS)
National Appearances SSNCT: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2019, 2016, 2014; HSNCT: 2012
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Westmont is a public high school in Westmont, Illinois. It competes in Class A, the "small school" division, of the Illinois High School Association's State Championship series. Making it one of the few Class A public school programs located within the Chicago suburbs. Westmont is located between Downers Grove & Hinsdale. The team competes in the Metro Suburban Conference.

Most notably, Westmont won the 2021 SSNCT held online. Uniquely, the championship featured fellow Illinois program, Macomb. Due to its classification it also won the "Very Small School" national title as well. The team was led by star players, Akshar Goyal & Pranav Viswanath.

The team has been coached since 2010 by Tom DeMay.

Notable Team Accomplishments

  • NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament: 2023 - T38th (T20 VSS), 2022 - T5th (T3 VSS), 2021 - 1st (1st VSS), 2019 - T46th, 2016 - T47th, 2014 - T27th
  • IHSA State Tournament: 2022 - 2nd Place Class A
  • IHSA Sectional titles: 2022 (1A)
  • IHSA Regional titles: 2024 (1A), 2022 (1A), 2021 (1A), 2019 (1A), 2016 (1A), 2014 (1A)
  • Metro Suburban Conference Champions: 2022, 2021
  • Interstate-8 Conference Champoions: 2012
  • NAQT High School National Championship Tournament: 2012 - T176th (9th SS)

Individual Awards

IHSSBCA All-Sectional Honorees

  • 2023-22: Michael Smith (1A)
  • 2021-22: Pranav Viswanath (1A)
  • 2012-13: Megan Bennett, Missy Fregeau, Chloe Marshinski (1A)

IHSSBCA All-State Honorees

  • 2021-22: Akshar Goyal (First Team), Pranav Viswanath (Second Team) Class A

IHSSBCA Team Illinois

  • 2022-23: Akshar Goyal (Illinois Orange)


  • 2021-22: Akshar Goyal - 3rd Place

NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament Traditional Public Schools Division Champion
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NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament Very Small School Champion
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