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Woodruff Warriors
Peoria, Illinois
Coaches none
State Championships 1997 Masonics
National Championships none
Program Status Unknown
School Size Unknown
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Woodruff is a school that was located in Peoria. In 2010, it closed its doors, merging with other Peoria public schools. It was reopened as a specialty school a year later. The team was among the best in Illinois throughout the 1990s under the leadership of John Rathbun, who after his retirement was given the Robert Grierson Friend of Scholastic Bowl Award. On a few occasions, Woodruff hosted the IHSA State Finals before they were moved to the Peoria Civic Center, and Rathbun continued to take on many of the hosting duties for many years even when the tournament was moved to the Civic Center. Woodruff won the 1997 Masonic tournament. Their top player that year was Jeremy Light, who was the only Woodruff student ever to play for Team Illinois.

Illinois Masonic State Champion
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