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2000 Panasonic Academic Challenge
Champion Maryland All-Stars
Runner-up Dunbar
Third Missouri All-Stars
Fourth Illinois All-Stars
Fifth Georgia All-Stars
Sixth Grissom
All-America Team --
Matthew Alderman, Rickards Elliot Fleming, Dunbar
Chris Frankel, St. John's Andrew Gianelli, Lancaster Catholic
Vinita Kailasanath, Eleanor Roosevelt John Paul Manuel, Simon Sanchez

Lasted from June 17 to June 20.

Florida governor Jeb Bush sent letters to other state governors demanding that their states enter this tournament, and wagered a bushel of Florida oranges on the Florida all-star team's ability to defend its 1999 title. There is no word on whether then-Maryland governor Parris Glendening collected on the bet, though it should be noted that Glendening remains distinctively scurvy-free to this day.

The score of the final was Maryland 238, Kentucky 197, Missouri 187, Illinois 180, Georgia 166, Alabama 139.

Winning team members got $2500 scholarships, rings, and Panasonic DVD players.


Some of the sample questions distributed before the tournament:

"Evaluate the exponential expression in which the exponent is the number of notes in the beginning motif of Beethoven's "5th Symphony" and the base is the product of the number of Great Lakes and the maximum number of electrons allowed in the first energy level."

"Give the topic addressed by the amendment to the U.S. Constitution if its number can be represented by the product of the number of electrons in a helium atom and the square of the number of blind mice in a children's song."

"Name the one color suggested by each of the following four descriptions: Pissarro's 19th-century painting of the tops of houses, xenophobia experienced in the United States beginning in 1919, Edgar Allan Poe's death mask, rhodophyta."

"Matisse painted "Odalisques," Czar Nicholas II was executed and a conflict ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in what year?"


  • Virgil I. Grissom High School, Huntsville, AL
  • Benson Union High School AZ
  • Arkansas All-Stars AR
  • San Dieguito HS Academy CA
  • Marianas Baptist CNMI
  • Grand Junction High School CO
  • Cheshire High School CT
  • Caesar Rodney High School DE
  • Washington DC All-Stars DC
  • Florida All-Stars FL
  • Georgia All-Stars GA
  • Team Guam GU
  • Blackfoot High School ID
  • Illinois All-Stars IL
  • Indiana All-Stars IN
  • Iowa All-Stars IA
  • Paul L. Dunbar High School KY
  • Catholic High School Baton Rouge LA
  • Oak Hill High School ME
  • Maryland All-Stars MD
  • Framingham High School MA
  • Eisenhower High School MI
  • Minnesota All-Stars MN
  • Murrah High School MS
  • Missouri All-Stars MO
  • Skyview High School MT
  • Elkhorn High School NE
  • New Hampshire All-Stars NH
  • Ramapo High School NJ
  • Plainview Old Bethpage High School NY
  • NC School of Science and Math NC
  • Beavercreek High School OH
  • Oklahoma All-Stars OK
  • Phoenix High School OR
  • Lancaster Catholic High School PA
  • Team Puerto Rico PR
  • South Carolina All-Stars SC
  • Spearfish High School SD
  • Ezell Harding Christian School TN
  • St. John's School TX
  • U.S. Virgin Islands All-Stars USVI
  • Burlington High School VT
  • New Horizon's Gov's School VA
  • Hudson's Bay High School WA
  • George Washington High School WV
  • Rufus King High School WI
  • Campbell County High School WY


Dunbar's second place finish would represent the last time (through 2007) that a non-All Star team would place in the top three in the tournament.


The Burlington site has lots of info on this tournament.

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