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Mount Berry, GA
Current President or Coach Wade Carpenter
National championships
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Berry College is a college club that has been an active circuit member since at least the 1970s. In fact, much of the early development of a quizbowl "circuit" can be attributed to invitational tournaments hosted at Berry, most notably the Southeastern Invitational, which had its 38th incarnation in 2007.[1] That tournament is marked by poor-quality house-written questions and bizarrely describes itself as "college bowl plus." The Southeastern Invitational also seems to emphasize individual over team success by distributing awards to the top five scorers but only to one team, which is atypical for a college tournament.

Berry also hosts the Berry College Scholar's Bowl, which in the past has been notoriously difficult to find information about, leading GATA vice president Jeff Burns to speculate on whether it was actually a myth and to call it "the most exclusive, private and secretive quiz bowl event held in the quiz bowl world." [2]

Gordon Carper

For many years, Berry history professor N. Gordon Carper led the Berry program and spearheaded the hosting of the first non-College Bowl quizbowl tournaments. Carper retired from coaching circa 2002, but continues to attend Berry tournaments to read. The "Carper Room" at Berry is dedicated to him; its walls are festooned with many photographs of Carper and other Berry players, and many tournament games are held in it.

Carper's contributions have been honored by two extremely divergent organizations. The annual Carper Award, given by ACF, was named in his honor and presented to him in 1999. The Carper Cup is the trophy for winning the championship of College Bowl Region VI, the region in which Carper's teams competed. Carper was also officially commended by the Georgia State legislature with SR 470 in 2000, after thirty years at the helm of the Berry team. 38 lines, or the majority of the commendation, relates to his services to quizbowl and to the achievements of the Berry team, mostly in CBI tournaments. No actual player is recognized.

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