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Cookeville High School
Cookeville, TN
National Appearances HSNCT: 2002, 2003
Program Status Active
School Size 2235 (2018)
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Cookeville High School is a high school in Cookeville, Tennessee.


In the early 2000s, Cookeville dominated the state of Tennessee and was a national-level competitor. Cookeville finished 11th at the 2002 HSNCT and 25th at the 2003 HSNCT, the highest finishes by a Tennessee team at the time (later surpassed by MLK and Ezell-Harding.)

Cookeville was ranked third in the national poll throughout 2002-2003 and was expected to contend at that year's nationals, until unexpected circumstances prevented their top player from participating in HSNCT and caused the team to withdraw from the NSC.

Cookeville's former coach, Carolyn Hawkins, was awarded the 2003 Cooper Award for her role in expanding quizbowl throughout Tennessee. [1]